Search Engine Optimisation, Manchester

Search Engine Optimisation improves your ranking on search engines organically, through various methods and techniques that allows the search engines to see your business exactly how you want to be found. Try going onto Google and typing in a product which you would like to be found for, do you sit on the first page? If this is a no then speak to Vivuki and we can send you some details on how we can improve your current standings.

Search Engine Optimisation will:

* Strengthen your brand,
* Drive traffic towards your site,
* Gain the edge over your competitors,
* Create more awareness from customers in your industry.

Vivuki offer select packages which can suit any business with any budget. We are so confident in our abilities that all our packages are contract free which means if you’re not happy then you can cancel at any point. This shows how sure we are in getting your business up the rankings.

Speak to Vivuki and find out how we can help your business improve its current position on the search engines. If your unsure what keywords are or you’re not sure what you want to be found when possible customers are searching for your products, dont worry we are here to help!

How does your Website measure up?

Vivuki are happy to perform a thorough test on your website, with this we can suggest visual and usability improvements and if you have access to analytics of your website we will also perform an initial free health check and recomend areas to make instant improvements.

Did you know that:

* 94.75% of internet users don’t look past the top 10 search results,
* 90% if internet users use a search engine to research a purchase,
* 75% of Google users choose natural listings over paid listings,
* 75% of internet users use a search engine in the first step of a buying process.

I have heard of Google Analytics but what is it?

Google Analytics is an analytics solution that gives you a rich insight into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyse your traffic data in an entirely new way.

Vivuki can help your business with Google Analytics, we can get you and your business more prepared to write better targeted adverts, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher conversion rates for your website.