Blog/WordPress Design

What is a blog?
A blog is an online journal that people can read, write, edit and share via the internet. You can Blog about any subject you fancy and other internet users can read about your chosen subject, comment on it or even add to it.

How can blogging help my business?
Blogging is fast becoming the most popular way to attract new customers or keep in touch with existing customers. Once your blog is created you can chose to develop it into whatever suites you best. You can offer tips and tricks or let your customers know about any offers you may be running or even if you are not promoting anything constantly updating your blog is a fantastic way to build relationships with customers and keep up your brand awareness.

What is WordPress?
Wordpress is an open sourced contents managed blogging software and Vivuki are experts in designing customer wordpress themes. WordPress is extremely search engine friendly and is a perfect platform for you to edit your website with no or little developing knowledge. The whole website is a wordpress design.

If you are not sure how which angle to blog from give Vivuki a call. We are experts in tailoring blogs to maximise the benefits for you and your business.